Cool Places to Have Hot Sex

Friday, August 4, 2017

– Roza, Sweet Fig Contributor & Sexual Wellness Enthusiast

“Get off of me”!  It’s way too hot to have sex!  While we all love to have steamy, passionate sex, summertime can test our amorous will.

Here are some suggestions to cool your body while enjoying your intimate moments this summer.

The great outdoors offers a plethora of enticing spots for intimacy.  There’s something wildly liberating about making love in nature!  Scout out cooler places – mountain tops, secluded gardens, the forest, a field filled with fragrant wild flowers, camping, or boating – just ensure that you definitely have privacy.

Water is naturally cooling and highly rhythmic, so it enhances love-making.  Consider coitus in the waves of the ocean, river, lake or even pool – as long as it’s secluded and private.  If you’d prefer to keep it indoors, get into the shower and try some new positions with your partner.



In the very late evening – so that you’re safe from the view of potentially intrigued neighbors – take your sex life onto the patio or onto your lawn, on a soft blanket made of natural fibers, so that it breathes and facilitates air flow.  Look for “cooling” blankets, or put your sheets and blankets in the freezer for an hour or so prior!

Ice is very erotic, especially on nipples, genitals and other highly sensitive areas.  Get creative and infuse with fruits, juices or your favourite cocktail, to “sip” off of your partner.


Ladies, there are numerous pleasure products that are completely submersible!  Fill your bath with coolish water – adjust the temperature so that it’s comfortable.  Add fragrant, soothing essential oils and treat yourself to a luxurious and stimulating bath experience – don’t forget to pour yourself some bubbly prosecco, or a tall, tropical drink to further tantalize your senses.

Cooling lube is perfect for hot weather intimacy.  The menthol or mint that they contain are naturally cooling yet incredibly arousing, particularly for clitoral stimulation. 


Finally, get a few good fans.  Placed strategically, the lovely flow of cool air can further fan the flames of your passion!

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