The Sexual Senses and Signals of Spring

Monday, April 10, 2017


– Roza, Sweet Fig Contributor & Sexual Wellness Enthusiast

After hibernating during the entire cold, dark winter, we (and our libidos) awaken in anticipation of spring – a time of renewed sexual energy. The spring brims with sexual signals as we come alive again – and celebrate our rebirth.  

Spring is traditionally associated with new romance and blossoming love.  How can it not be?  With the frosty heaviness of the winter months behind us, we step out of our burrows to finally feel the warmth of the sun and stimulate our senses and our sexual energy.  

When spring is in the air, we feel lighter, we feel freer, more uninhibited…and sexier.    This makes us feel much more inclined to show our bodies, not just to ourselves in front of the mirror, but also to bare ourselves to current or potential romantic partners.  We’ve spent so many months covered up in bulky sweaters and wrapped in coats that we are itching to see a bit of bare skin!  The naked muscular forearms of a strapping lad or lovely bare legs in heels, quite easily pique our sexual thoughts.  Suddenly, we’re noticing the bevy of beautiful people around us.  Even the most subtle of admiring looks or a shy smile can initiate sexual thoughts and we even find our thoughts undressing potential playmates.

Not only are we enticed by looks, but also by scent.  We breathe in the sweetness of spring, reminiscent of light perfume and the intoxicating scent of bare skin.  There’s certainly a connection between scent and sexual attraction.  Our scent producing organs are hormone dense, and so we each have a unique natural scent which makes us respond more readily to certain people than to others.  Don’t be surprised that you have an urge to keep pace with the sweaty person running in front of you!  

Have you ever been so taken by someone’s scent that you found yourself wondering how they might taste or wishing you could take a little nibble?  You’re not alone.  We each have our own unique fragrance, which can be impacted by what we eat – for example, some citrus fruit makes us emanate a sweeter scent, whereas garlic gives off a funky odour – especially in genital areas (sexual secretions).

The sound of a stranger’s sexy voice can be as compelling as his/her scent.  As you’re stepping out to enjoy the gorgeous springtime weather, getting back to nature, outdoor activities and social events, remember to just close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.  Take notice of the voices that attract you and see if there might be a romantic connection.

Let’s not forget how amazingly sexy touch can be.  Fingertips barely brushing your arm or a casual touch of your shoulder can set off sexual arousal as much as full contact, sometimes even more so.  Do you remember how your skin tingled at the first touch of your first romantic partner?

Remember to treat yourself sensually this spring.  Dual-action pleasure products will ignite all of your senses both with your partner and solo.  Enhance your experiences with a lovely tasting natural lube!

This spring, take a moment or two to savour the freshness, virility, confidence and sweetness of the sexual signals around you!


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The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us.
How often does your spring come?—Gary Zukav

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