DELIGHT – the “Royal Curl”

Magnificent elegance meets fabulous functionality in the DELIGHT CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE.  It is sleek and easy-to-use, its design promises new heights of passion. This luxury vibrator unites external and internal stimulation in an ergonomically designed form. The aesthetic sculpture can be intuitively guided with the “Royal Curl” handle and has a perfectly curved end for easy G-spot stimulation. A slight bulge tickles out extra desire in harmony with the vibrations.

* breathtaking optics – noble elegance meets fabulous functionality
* CLICK 'N' CHARGE rechargeable
* 8 vibration intensities
* 3 vibration programs
* powerful long-lasting motor
* intuitive guiding with the 'Royal Curl”
* external stimulation (clitoral) united with insertion (vaginal)
* vibration shaft made of 100 % medical grade silicone
* FF Texture: Smooth and silky (2) A softer finish gives this a more tender feel
* Water resistant for easy cleaning, but do not submerge
* 2 year warranty
* made in Germany

* Size: 5,9 inch Ø 1,18 inch

Awards:  The DELIGHT CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE is the first erotic intimate object ever to win the red dot design award 2008 and has since been awarded many other renowned international design prizes.

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 Product Sheet 2: Download

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