The G-spot does exist! And this sexual wellness product can help you find it.

Every woman’s shape is unique, and this is the only vibrator that can be curved into the perfect position to suit you. Specifically designed to hit that elusive area, G-spot vibrators feature a curved tip, which provides focused pressure exactly where you need it. Whether you’re determined to find your G-spot, or know exactly where it is and want to hit it with ease – every time – this uniquely adjustable, truly innovative personalizable new G-Kii G-spot vibe gets straight to the point.  It’s 100% waterproof and 100% body safe silicon (no phthalates). 

The G-spot is an area of highly sensitive nerve endings inside the body that can, when stimulated properly, lead to incredible orgasms for both men and women.  This special zone can be a little hard to locate, but once you’ve found it, pressure or massage is the key to stimulation. In women, the G-spot is typically located about two inches inside the vagina towards the belly button, and roughly walnut-sized.

Totally seamless with smooth soft tactile finish, the G-Kii can be transformed into dual-action, allowing for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  It has a two button design, that enable a choice of five power levels and five different pulse patterns – offering a wide range of vibrations – from subtle rumble to intense powerful finish, yet it’s quiet when in use.  It is rechargeable via magnetic recharging clip and 2 hours of charge gives 2 hours of pleasure. 

G-Kii is the key to unlocking female G-spot pleasure, for newcomers, afficionados and couples alike.

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