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Perfectly formed for external stimulation: the new generation MiMi combines the power of our classic external vibrator with an added layer of soft silicone. Stylishly presented with a satin blindfold, Mimi Soft is a beautiful clitoral vibrator to share with your partner.

Mimi Soft offers all of the external stimulation of Mimi but with an added layer of velvety soft silicone, giving the tip added flexibility.

Pleasure objects that focus on clitoral arousal are a great place to begin your sexual exploration and an emboldening way to discover what feels good, before widening your experiences.

For more initiated individuals and couples, this compact external vibrator is an essential bedside and travel companion.

With five vibration levels and patterns, from softest purr to intense rumble, you will always find the perfect intensity: try a subtle setting to tease and caress, or a more intense speed if you like a fuller buzz.  Mimi Soft feels great on the clitoris, and any other area that tickles your fancy – and his – from your nipples to his perineum and anywhere in-between. Velvet smooth, Mimi Soft glides across the skin, making it perfect for a body massage with a difference.  For a lighter touch, you can also try transferring Mimi Soft’s vibrations through your fingertips, by cradling it in your hand and stroking the skin with your fingers.

Don’t forget the lube! We advise using water-based lubrication with all of our sexual wellness products, for a perfectly smooth experience.

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