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SWEET FIG Where did “Sweet Fig” come from anyway?

Wine is a great conversation starter but try a fresh fig on for size.

A few fresh figs, some spread open to reveal their inner lusciousness, scattered on a wooden cheese board and we couldn’t stop the giggling. Soon all of our friends were laughing with us.

“Vajayjay,” sang one of our friends.

“Hoo-ha!” giggled another.

“Twinkleflower!” That set off another round of laughter.

The conversation that followed covered our sexual dreams, hopes, desires, mishaps and frustrations. We used humour to mask our deeper emotions and lighten the topic, but we knew we were discussing something as critical to our happiness as the food we were eating.

We suspect if you are here, you can easily relate to the story above. Why? Whether we consciously admit it or not, healthy sex is as important to our well being as exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

And so the little fig, innocent enough, had elicited thoughts that were heavy with meaning and started a conversation that would grow into an idea.

At Sweet Fig, our goal is to help you own your sexuality. We want you to experience the greatest amount of pleasure with or without a partner. We want to help you achieve sexual happiness one healthy, sexy orgasm at a time.

We have chosen the best of the best in body-safe, innovative and luxurious sexual wellness products for you to enjoy.  Products are designed to enhance your natural sexuality and elevate your innate sensuality.

You’ll also find education, information and tips on making the right choices when it comes to your sexual health for all stages of your adult life.

Explore Sweet Fig. Have a little fun, learn new things and try them out. Feel powerful and passionate, exciting and excited.

Live a healthy sexy life.